Giving back with interest

Giving back with

NRM has a long history supporting a range of events and
projects, with our primary focus being to support the
communities in which we operate.

Applying for NRM Sponsorship
Sponsorship requests received by NRM will be regularly considered throughout the year; however
adequate lead time of at least three months is preferred to allow for consideration of the
request,community and corporate benefits to be assessed, and contractual terms to be defined.

Sponsorship objectives
NRM views its sponsorships as long-term investments and a commitment to the communities in
which we operate. All of NRM's sponsorships must either:
• Promote NRM's core business activity,
• Promote relationships between NRM employees and key stakeholders,
• Support sustainability and longevity of the industries in which NRM operates.

Priority will be given to:
• Exclusivity in our business categories
• Sponsorship that benefit the wider New Zealand agricultural community
• Opportunity for networking and involvement by our staff
• Two-way partnerships that provide opportunities for us both

Sponsorship restrictions
Sponsorship which includes any of the following will not be considered:
• Religious or political causes, events or agendas
• Charities, foundations or general appeals and lotteries,
• Organisations or groups who discriminate or limit membership based on race, gender, beliefs,
class or cultural considerations.
• Activities taking place outside New Zealand
• One off ad hoc investments

Application process
The NRM Sponsorship Application Form must be completed in full to be considered.

This can be downloaded here...

Sponsorship is a two-way partnership and careful consideration will be taken in reviewing your
application request and how it can benefit NRM. Please allow up to three weeks for this review
process, after which we will contact you by email.