NRM Rider Questions – Vanessa Way

Q – Tell us a little bit about your team for the season ahead

A - I have a full team this season with NRM Arawn my Grand Prix horse back in work! Yay! With NRM Andreas stepping up to level 5-6, NRM KH Arion level 5 and NSC Pronto stepping up 2 grades to level 4. Astek Geronimo my lovely 4 year old is going well under saddle and may make an appearance later on during the season.

Q - In preparation for the season, when do your horses come into work after their Winter spell?

A –My horses do not spell over winter as it is my time to teach them new movement's without the stress of competing.

Q - Have you managed to fit in any overseas training or coaching this winter?

A - I did have a 3 week holiday in Bali were I managed to lose the waist line due to Bali Belly.

Q - How long is the lead up to your first show?

A - We do local shows over winter to clear the rust, but October is massive with North Island Champs and an international CDI and world challenge.

Q - What is your work plan with the horses during this time? IE- how much conditioning work, flat work etc. happens on a weekly basis?

A - I only school my horses in the arena max 4 times a week with the rest of the time fitness at the Beach or hill work with one day off a week.

Q – Tell us about your feeding plan at this time of the year, does it change during the season?

A - My feeding plan is very precise and only changes depending on the individual needs of each horse, however they get reduced grains on days off and more hay over winter! Hate to skite but my NRM performance enhanced horses look outstanding.

Q – What are your goals for the coming season?

A - To regain my Grand Prix horses fitness and strength since missing a year! With the aim to compete him at the World Cup Australasian final in February 2017 at Manfield. The others to compete well with main events being NZ Championship's and NZ horse of the year.

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