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Getting ready for the upcoming eventing season

Amanda (Muzi) Pottinger is a part time Business Analyst for BEL Group Dairy Farms and a professional Three Day Eventing rider, sponsored by NRM.

She is looking forward to the upcoming eventing season, where she will be competing a team of 5-6 eventing horses, including the National Three Day CCI3* Eventing Champion “Just Kidding”, also known as “Ferg”.

Amanda and Ferg are currently campaigning to compete in Australia at the Adelaide International Three Day in the CCI4* class.

Amanda says she has been lucky enough to grow up in an eventing family and her mother, Tinks was part of the bronze medal winning team at the Seoul Olympics in 1988.

“As a team, we have been using NRM feeds to fuel and condition our horses since the early 1980s, which I feel has been a major contributor to our successes,” she says.

“With my current horses, the most common used feed is NRM Low GI Sport, as it is a great base feed for most horses to gain or maintain condition while providing slow release energy, which is perfect for eventing.”

Amanda says she also likes to include KER Equi-Jewel high fat stabilised rice bran, especially for horses that require more conditioning and weight gain.

“This is a common requirement for me as I produce a lot of ex-racehorses and this combination of feeds makes it easier for these horses to obtain optimum body condition for eventing after their previous racing careers,” Amanda says.

“My top horse Just Kidding is quite unique for a thoroughbred as he is an extremely good doer and gains weight easily – and also requires a lower starch diet to remain focused in the dressage phase of competition. Feeds like Low GI Sport and Coolade are ideal for this type of work and Ultimate Sport is ideal for before higher intensity competitions.”

The Adelaide International Three Day Event is fast approaching and runs from 14-18th November. It is a physically demanding test for both horse and rider, especially the cross country phase on the second day. To ensure Ferg is at peak fitness to tackle not only the event itself but the travel over to Australia, Amanda has adopted a strict fitness plan.

“He requires a decent workout every 4-5 days, which consists of gallop intervals either at the beach or on the hills, or a cross country run,” Amanda says. “Feed amounts are altered according to his condition and fitness and he generally gets less hard feed at the beginning of his prep when he’s still holding weight, which then increases as he gets fitter and the work intensity increases.”

Moving forward into this season, Amanda says she is confident that her horses’ nutrient and energy requirements are being met by using NRM feeds. “The relationship NRM has with Kentucky Equine Research assures me that all the products are developed based on the latest scientific findings and I know that there is a feed available to suit every type of horse in my team,” she says. “In addition to this, I have access to reliable and knowledgeable nutrition specialists to advise on whole diet plans for each of my horses throughout the season, to give each horse the chance to perform to the best of their ability.”

For further information, contact your local Nutrition Specialist.

Article supplied by Luisa Wood, Nutrition Technical Advisor.