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Stud Groom of the Year was an awesome opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of equine nutrition and see first-hand some of the amazing research that’s being done around the world by Kentucky Equine Research.

When I got the call about winning, I couldn’t believe it. I had heard the calibre of the entrants was exceptionally high so I was blown away — and that’s what’s so great about the competition. It’s supporting the industry and encouraging people to look deeper into every aspect of what makes a healthy horse and how we can all contribute to more profitable studs throughout New Zealand.

The work we do is hard. Not everyone can get up at 5.30am and work until 5.00pm, so winning Stud Groom of the Year was amazing recognition for all the hard work put in and of course there was the trip to Australia. I got to see the stallions and assess the condition of the broodmares at Woodside Park Stud. Assessed feeding regimes at Glenelg Park and saw every part of the breeding industry at Godolphin, all withf Peter Huntington – Head of KER in Melbourne.

I learnt so much from Peter and the trip has pushed me to pursue my career and made me realise exactly where my passion was in the industry and helped me see how to follow it.

If you’re even slightly interested in taking part in the competition I highly recommend you just go for it. The passion, dedication and long hours you put into your job is worth it and Stud Groom of the Year is an amazing way to recognise that.

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Article Supplied by Rebecca Sargent – 2019 Stud Groom of the Year Winner.