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Supermarket staff are good at pointing customers to the right aisle but I would never think of asking them for meal ideas or cooking tips. The retail staff at hardware stores are a different beast entirely. Each seems to permanently habit only one or two aisles and in addition to knowing exactly where everything is in their domain, they have intimate knowledge of how each item should be used.

The retail staff in Farmlands stores are, to my mind, phenomenal as they can give advice on apparel, pipe fixings or nutrition just as readily as drenches, electric fencing or gates. Last year a lot of effort was devoted to creating online e-learning modules for our retail staff to increase their understanding of farmers’ feed needs and to support better buying decisions. We have created booklets on calf rearing, poultry keeping, goats, pigs and sheep and these are available instore and online. Feeding guidelines have been added to product spec sheets to give more information to the user.

For more general information, the much-loved Lifestyle Guide (one woman said it was her read of choice during
a luxury ship cruise) is now available to buy and could represent one of the best value Christmas stocking fillers for your favourite lifestyler. Alternatively, buy a new lifestyle block through Property Brokers and look forward to getting a copy in your gift pack when you move in. More support is only a phone call away through our Customer Experience team, which is supported by a vet, in-house nutritionists, agronomists and fencing specialists.

COVID-19 has driven a surge in interest in working from home and sustainable self-sufficiency. Last month I suggested that the modern lifestyler could hope to be pretty good at lots of things because of  Google. Unfortunately, sometimes when you try to learn something from YouTube you can’t tell if the presenter
is a master in their chosen specialism or a deluded amateur with a trail of DIY disasters behind them. A good source of detailed, credible information and tips for the new livestock farmer is the online Lifestyle Block

Recognising the need for more information, Farmlands has become the exclusive rural supplies and nutrition
sponsor of Lifestyle Block, or LSB. Collaborating within the nutrition and animal health space initially, we are especially excited about new comprehensive training modules being developed aimed at people looking to
farm different species for the first time.

Sarah Clews and Kate Brennan from LSB can truly talk the talk and walk the walk. As experienced small-block
owners, Kate and Sarah – better known as Sez the Vet – can help people looking to upgrade from pets to farm
animals to ensure a happy outcome for all. The LSB forums are a valuable source of seasonal ideas to encourage
people to try different classes of stock while avoiding the pitfalls inexperience can bring.

For further information, contact your Farmlands Technical Field Officer or the friendly team at your local Farmlands store.

Article supplied by Dr Rob Derrick, Head of Nutrition and Animal Health