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Located on the outskirts of Christchurch, Perry and Jackie McConnachie lease their farm from The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust. It’s their fourth season on-farm and with only 160 cows on the property, there’s a big focus on optimum production. The herd are all brought in. The McConnachies don’t breed replacements, instead using beef bulls […]

Pastures change from being in a vegetative (growing) state in spring, to increasing in maturity and entering a reproductive phase in summer. This brings a decrease in plant nutrients (energy and protein) and decreased digestibility of pasture. Cattle and sheep get hit with a double whammy as plants mature. Digestibility drops, which decreases both the […]

Until recently, the strongest interest in compound feed for ewes at lambing time came from stud breeders who produce high-value stock and have an interest in demonstrating a high-lambing percentage. With recent changes in the market, such as swine fever affecting global meat supplies and a general upward trend in lamb prices, it makes more […]