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Rangiora dairy farmer Alastair Robinson loves his cows. He is passionate about breeding and managing cows to their potential. He is a hands-on farmer with a good team and performance, so perhaps not an obvious example of a farm that might be considered in need of technology to help manage cow health and fertility. Experience […]

The digestive tract of the neonatal calf is dramatically different to that of the adult ruminant. When a calf is first born they have a very small rumen, only a fraction of the size it will eventually need to be when the animal is older and consuming a much higher fibre diet. A key focus […]

Milk replacers are increasingly seen as a safer option than untreated whole milk, which carries the risk of transmitting Johne’s, BVD, salmonella and other diseases such as Mycoplasma bovis. Interest is also growing in the use of quality calf milk replacer – beyond providing a safer, more convenient way to rear beefies, or extending stocks […]

Investment in good housing for baby calves and field shelters for older calves can make a significant difference to the start of life for what are often the highest genetic merit stock on a property. Whether you are looking at new shedding or improving your existing calf housing and its management, a little time and […]

Have you ever been tempted to keep a pig or two or even some sows? Now is a good time to start planning your new shed or mobile hut and adapt fencing for these strong and intelligent animals. Pigs do not have a coat of fur or wool to keep warm, so must be provided […]

Thoroughbred racing and breeding is the largest equine industry in New Zealand, and along with the Standardbred industry, contributes significantly to the country’s economy. However, around half of all Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses bred don’t make it to a race. While this is mainly due to voluntary trainer decisions associated with poor performance, many are […]

As animal feeds go, Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) stimulates stronger opinions both for and against than most. PKE has grown to be a major forage replacer and filled a huge nutritional hole in the national dairy herd, ensuring a great many cows have been more fully fed over the last decade or so. Its low […]

Keeping a flock of laying chickens is rapidly increasing in popularity, as it is a rewarding hobby. With this popularity comes more and more questions from beginners, so below are some frequently asked questions from people who are new to keeping chickens. Why have my chickens gone off the lay? It can be quite a […]

The later summer months of February and March are a common time for equine breeders to begin the process of separating foals from their dams – and correct nutrition is essential for what can be a stressful time. Planning is required and strategies for weaning will differ according to facilities available, as well as procedures […]

Vitamin E is an essential and highly powerful antioxidant that plays an important role in muscle, immune and neurological support in horses. It is mainly supplied in the equine diet through green pasture. Horses are not very efficient at storing this fat-soluble vitamin and when access to green pasture is limited through management such as […]