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If the meteorologists are correct, an El Niño weather pattern will bring hot and dry weather to the east coast and wet weather to the west coast in the months ahead. For those affected by hotter and drier than normal conditions, making plans and taking steps early to respond to the opportunities available can make […]

Demand for weaned lambs could be high this season as grazers look for alternatives to beef finishing and drystock contracts because of concerns around Mycoplasma bovis. Interest in rearing more lambs by hand is therefore likely to be strong in both the commercial and lifestyle sectors. Many traditional commercial sheep farmers rear or sell one lamb […]

Anyone that has had a go at rearing orphan lambs is quite likely to have had to deal with abomasal bloat. It can often strike your “good doers” well into the rearing process, which can be quite devastating, particularly for the younger lamb rearers out there. There are however, some simple steps that you can […]

Sheep fertility has increased significantly in recent years, with the New Zealand average lambing percentage jumping from 100 percent in the 1980s to over 130 percent today, with top performing sheep farmers attaining more than 150 percent. This is due to a combination of genetics, along with improved animal health and better feeding. The trade-off […]