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Karen Fraser

Technical Specialist/Calf Guru

Born in Taupo, Karen farmed on the East Coast for 20 years and a couple more in Manawatu with her late husband. Her back-story is impressive, from cropping potatoes, squash, grain and peas, to sheep and beef farming. This was followed by a stint as owner of a 1,500 head dairy conversion in Takapua.

It was while Karen was running her own business and working alongside NRM, that she realised there was an opportunity to grow her skill-set even further by joining the team full-time. The rest as they say, is history.

Karen has real a passion for dairy/beef youngstock. As part of the NRM team she’s upskilling farmers and rearers all over the country and making it her mission to change industry averages.

Contact Details
Phone - 027 452 9670