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Preparing a yearling for sale is an important event in the stud calendar for both Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds and involves a carefully tailored balance between the correct nutrition, conditioning, growth and fitness. Properly prepared yearlings will be fit, sound and well-grown, with shiny coats and little body fat. When preparing a yearling for sale it […]

All animal species need a balanced diet for health, welfare and productivity but what constitutes a balanced diet changes as an animal grows, matures and goes through different physiological stages. For example, young rapidly growing ducks require high levels of protein and energy however as their growth slows down with age, the amount of energy […]

The long-term health and wellbeing of cows within a seasonal calving system is highly dependent on their fertility. According to LIC, the national not-in-calf rate for spring calving herds averaged about 14 percent in 2012 (when mating was on average 85 days) rising to 17 percent in 2015 (when inductions were fully phased out) and […]

Chickens lay eggs in what we call ‘clutches’, with an egg laid per day for a number of consecutive days followed by a rest period before they start to lay another clutch. The average chicken clutch size is about 12 eggs, with a pause of roughly a day or so in between clutches. Clutch size […]

Equine Cushing’s disease, or pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID), is common in older horses and is suspected when a horse shows the classic signs of a long, thick hair coat that refuses to shed. Horses with Cushing’s disease may also have abnormal fat deposits, increased thirst and urination, a lowered resistance to disease and a […]


Until recently, the strongest interest in compound feed for ewes at lambing time came from stud breeders who produce high-value stock and have an interest in demonstrating a high-lambing percentage. With recent changes in the market, such as swine fever affecting global meat supplies and a general upward trend in lamb prices, it makes more […]

Rangiora dairy farmer Alastair Robinson loves his cows. He is passionate about breeding and managing cows to their potential. He is a hands-on farmer with a good team and performance, so perhaps not an obvious example of a farm that might be considered in need of technology to help manage cow health and fertility. Experience […]

The digestive tract of the neonatal calf is dramatically different to that of the adult ruminant. When a calf is first born they have a very small rumen, only a fraction of the size it will eventually need to be when the animal is older and consuming a much higher fibre diet. A key focus […]