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Pioneers then and now

In 1875 John Lamb purchased the original Fort Street site for the sum of 1,027 pounds. In 1888, Auckland Roller Mills Ltd was incorporated and a year later was amalgamated with Firth’ first eight-hour Roller Mill. In 1899 the company name was changed to the Northern Roller Milling Company, known today as NRM.

In the early days, the main objective of NRM was to manufacture flour from wheat. The wheat would pass through a series of rollers and during this process of gradual reduction, flour is separated from the by-products, bran and pollard, which were fed to stock. The first dedicated production of stock feed took place in 1944.

In 1954 NRM installed its first press machine to make pelleted stock feed. As the popularity of pellets grew, flour by-products gradually became a smaller part of the raw materials used in stock feed manufacturing. Various grains, protein meals and vitamin and mineral premixes were added to pelleted feeds to improve animal performance.

In 1992, NRM ceased association with the flour milling business and became solely a stock feed and premix manufacturer.

The past 120 years has seen an enormous amount of change in rural markets. NRM’s ability to adapt to these changes can be attributed to its history of manufacturing expertise, innovative quality products and most of all, its relationship with its customers.