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The NRM Dairy Range has been developed to provide feed solutions that offer choice and flexibility. Rather than a bulk standard feed, options are available to suit a variety of budgets, health needs and performance targets, offering a comprehensive range of compound feeds, blends and straights.

The supplementary needs of a herd for maximum financial return and peace of mind depend on many factors, including their stage of lactation, level of production and quality and quantity of the forage component. A key determinant for profitable supplementation is identifying the limiting factor at any particular time. Energy and protein are invariably the primary determinants of production for dairy cows.

Accordingly, the NRM Dairy Range has been developed to provide progressive dairy farmers a choice of energy and protein, overlaid with a drop in fibre levels as energy levels rise.

Supplying something that is already in excess, even if it is cheap, could turn out to be unprofitable. Whilst something that is limiting, even if it is expensive, can be rewarding. We have a team of dedicated Nutrition Specialists to help select the most appropriate option.

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