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Non-GMO options for deer

Targeted supplementation at key times of the year can help increase profitability and sustainability when farming deer, not to mention provide peace of mind for owners.

NRM Deer Elite and NRM Deer Performance have been specially formulated from non-GMO ingredients to comply with the requirements of the Cervena Deer venison programme. Both products are enriched with major minerals, trace elements and vitamins to deliver key nutrients and ensure the good health of deer. Free from palm kernel expeller, they are made from New Zealand-grown grains to help maintain a high level of fermentable energy.

With 12 percent crude protein, NRM Deer Performance is formulated to improve body condition for pregnant hinds and stags during winter, or during the high demands of calving.

With crude protein levels boosted to 16 percent, NRM Deer Elite is the perfect option for velveting and trophy stags, to achieve maximum antler growth. The higher protein levels also make this feed ideal for in-calf or lactating hinds and weaners when forage quality is low.

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