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Passionate about equine nutrition, NRM offers a range of feeds to suit the diverse needs of horses through every stage or activity level of their life, from the growing youngster to the high performance athlete.

NRM’s experienced technical nutrition team are able to offer customised diets to suit the individual needs of your horse depending on work level, breeding or growth status, ensuring you are always feeding to succeed.

Proudly owned and manufactured in New Zealand, NRM feeds have been formulated to take the guess work out of feeding. They contain unique blends of quality ingredients with added trace minerals and vitamins to optimise the health and performance of your horse.

Kentucky Equine Research

NRM has a strategic relationship with leading international specialist, Kentucky Equine Research.

As world leaders in equine nutrition, KER works exclusively with NRM to design diets, provide consultancy services and deliver educational seminars across the spectrum of equine professions and sports.

Take the guess work out of choosing the right diet for your horse

Do you have questions about which feed is appropriate for your horse? Are you wondering how much you should feed? Have you been thinking about switching to a new feed?

Microsteed, an online program from Kentucky Equine Research and NRM, can help you answer these questions.





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