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We have a comprehensive range of sheep and lamb feeds. Whether you are looking for a Sheep Nut to help fill a feed gap for your sheep, a Pre-Tup Nut to boost your lambing percentage or a Triplet Nut to support your triplet bearing ewes in late pregnancy, we have an option to suit.


We also have a brand new range of lamb hard feeds including Lamb Start Mix (a Muesli style starter feed for lambs) and Lamb Performance Pellets. Both options include Deccox®, a coccidiostat to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis and both options are tailored to suit the unique nutritional requirements of young growing lambs. Rumen development in young lambs is extremely important to ensure a smooth transition off milk and feeding a hard feed to lambs is the key to supporting early rumen development.  Hard feeds are best offered to lambs from early life alongside milk, intakes will be small at first but will ramp up as they get older. See below for more detailed information on our range and how to use them.

View here our latest NRM Sheep and Lamb Guide, which covers everything you need to know about sheep feeding and lamb rearing.


Download the NRM Sheep and Lamb Guide by clicking the cover.

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