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Stud Groom of the Year was an awesome opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of equine nutrition and see first-hand some of the amazing research that’s being done around the world by Kentucky Equine Research. When I got the call about winning, I couldn’t believe it. I had heard the calibre of the entrants […]

Thoroughbred racing and breeding is the largest equine industry in New Zealand, and along with the Standardbred industry, contributes significantly to the country’s economy. However, around half of all Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses bred don’t make it to a race. While this is mainly due to voluntary trainer decisions associated with poor performance, many are […]

The later summer months of February and March are a common time for equine breeders to begin the process of separating foals from their dams – and correct nutrition is essential for what can be a stressful time. Planning is required and strategies for weaning will differ according to facilities available, as well as procedures […]

Vitamin E is an essential and highly powerful antioxidant that plays an important role in muscle, immune and neurological support in horses. It is mainly supplied in the equine diet through green pasture. Horses are not very efficient at storing this fat-soluble vitamin and when access to green pasture is limited through management such as […]

Many aspects of equine health and nutrition require extra attention over the summer months. Hoof health is especially important to uphold when the weather is warm and the ground may be harder than other times of the year. The age old saying, “no hoof, no horse” is especially true and the following recommendations should be […]

Amanda (Muzi) Pottinger is a part time Business Analyst for BEL Group Dairy Farms and a professional Three Day Eventing rider, sponsored by NRM. She is looking forward to the upcoming eventing season, where she will be competing a team of 5-6 eventing horses, including the National Three Day CCI3* Eventing Champion “Just Kidding”, also […]

The significant nutritional requirements of a hardworking horse mean that designing a balanced diet that provides these in the correct amounts is vital. From the all-important energy required to perform, to essential amino acids, trace minerals and key vitamins, simple changes to the diet can mean the difference between a winning and a mediocre performance. […]

Nutritional requirements of broodmares change throughout the stages of reproduction and it is important to adopt a flexible feeding programme to ensure nutrient requirements are being met at each phase. Reproduction can be separated into early pregnancy, which is first and second trimester or 0 to 7 months gestation, late pregnancy, which is third trimester […]

The increased awareness of horse owners around aspects of general equine health, from nutrition to dental, hoof and parasite management, has resulted in the average horse living for longer. Although the natural lifespan of the horse has not changed, many are now surviving easily to 30 years of age or older, where previously this was […]

Obesity is recognised to be a significant problem for people in many countries. However, studies have shown that this condition can be just as prevalent in horses and cause similar secondary health issues in our equine companions. While avoiding obesity in horses and ponies through dietary management is paramount, in cases where exceptionally slow metabolisms […]