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Dairy Goat Pellets

High protein, high energy pellets formulated from non-GMO* ingredients designed for dairy goats

A high performance high protein mineralised compound feed formulated to meet the Dairy Goat Co-op requirements (January 2019) being free from both GM ingredients and PKE. Designed to support milk production and health of lactating dairy goats. A good option for milking house-cows.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Non-GM legumes (peas or beans) and/or canola meal to provide both rumen degradable and rumen by-pass protein to complement lower protein forages and deliver protein to support milk production.
  • Non-GM grains and molasses to deliver a high level of fermentable energy to support body condition and milk production.
  • Fortified with macro minerals calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium for health and production.
  • A combination of organic copper for improved bio-availability and inorganic copper to counter antagonists to support health and performance.
  • Added vitamins for health, growth and fertility.
  • Durable pellets for feeding in the milking shed or mixing with forage.
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Feeding Recommendation

Introduce gradually, especially if stock are not accustomed to supplementary feeding as aggressive feeders may eat more than shy feeders initially and rumen microbes take time to adjust to new feeds. If feeding at the rates indicated below build levels gradually over 10 to 14 days. Optimum feeding rates depend on the quality and quantity of pasture on offer and the level of production of the livestock being fed but typically do not exceed the recommended rates below for more than a week. Ensure adequate amounts of forage (grazing and/or conserved forages such as silage, baleage or hay) and clean drinking water are available.

Typical Feeding Rates (expected live weight in brackets)

GOATSIdeal for growth in young stock and milk production in milking does
MILKING DOE (55KG)Typically 0.5kg to 0.75 kg per head, per day but could be up to 50% of the total diet dietary dry matter intake (up to 1.5kg for smaller, high yielding breeds at peak yield)
MILKING DOE (70KG)Typically 0.5-1kg per head, per day but could be up to 50% of the total dietary dry matter intake (up to 2kg per head, per day for large, high yielding breeds at peak yield)
GROWING KID OVER 3 MONTHS (30KG)0.25kg up to 0.5kg per head, per day
MILKING COW (400-500KG)Up to 3kg per head, per day

*Formulated from non-genetically modified barley, may contain traces of GM material used in the feed mill.

Ingredients selected from

Wheat, maize grain, barley, canola meal, legumes (peas or beans), grain by-products, grass fibre, molasses, limestone flour, linseed flakes, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, salt, NZ vegetable oil, trace mineral and vitamin premix including 0.75mg added selenium/kg and 22.5mg added copper/kg, flavour, preservative.

NRM Dairy Goat Pellets™ formulations do not contain soya bean meal, soya hulls, corn gluten meal, maize DDGS, tapioca, copra meal or Palm Kernel Expeller.


Please ensure product is stored in a cool, dry and vermin free environment.

Caution: Do not feed to sheep, young calves or kids as NRM Dairy Goat Pellets™ contains a high level of bio-available copper. Not recommended for camelids and equines. Additional minerals may be required in certain circumstances, professional advice should be sought if additional selenium or copper is being delivered simultaneously via other routes.

Typical analysis (approximate on a dry matter basis)

Energy13MJ ME/kg DM

The Metabolisable Energy (ME) values are calculated by a registered laboratory from an equation and are not an actual measured value. Therefore they are only a guide for predicting the energy content of a feed.

What are your stock lacking?

Choose the NRM product which best balances their diet.

NRM Multifeed Nuts are a good option for does that are not in milk and retired or pet goats to help maintain health and condition.

NRM Deer Performance Nuts are formulated to 12% crude protein and may worth considering when wanting to feed lower levels of compound feed to dairy goats on high quality pasture.

With 16% crude protein, NRM Deer Elite Nuts offer more flexibility to balance diets when lower levels of supplementation are required.