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Dairy Sustain

Premium high protein, high energy compound feed for lactating dairy cows

A protein rich compounded pellet feed specifically formulated to supplement pasture in late spring or summer when protein levels are sub-optimal or when feeding lower protein forages such as cereal whole crop or maize silage.

NRM Dairy Sustain contains:

  • Additional protein from oilseed meals (e.g. soya bean meal) and legumes such as peas and beans to help meet the protein needs of higher producing cows when fed lower protein forages.
  • Starch from grains and grain by-products in addition to sugar from molasses, which are readily fermentable and can help stimulate milk protein production.
  • Added calcium, magnesium and sodium to help meet the needs of lactating animals.
  • Additional vitamins A, D and E.
  • Added cobalt, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium and zinc which in many cases eliminates the need for additional trace mineral supplementation when fed at 3kg/head/day.

Feeding recommendation

Typical feeding rates are 1-3kg/head/day. If wishing to feed over 4kg/head/day for an extended period a tailored version with lower levels of trace minerals could be manufactured.

If cows are not currently fed grain or pellets, introduce Dairy Sustain at 0.5-1kg per milking (1-2kg/day) and gradually increase by 0.15kg/day until the desired intake has been achieved. Always provide access to long forage and clean drinking water. The mineral requirements of herds varies greatly, regular testing of blood and liver samples may be helpful to ensure target health, immunity and fertility levels are achieved.

Contains 3mg/kg added selenium and 100mg/kg added copper. Do not use at the same time as other selenised fertiliser, prill or product and do not exceed the stated dose or frequency without consulting a nutritionist or veterinarian.

To discuss the optimum feeding levels and diet for your herd, please call your local NRM Nutrition Specialist on 0800 800 380.

Ingredients selected from

Grain and grain by-products, oilseed meals, peas, beans, vegetable oils and fats, molasses, flavour, limestone, magnesium oxide, salt, vitamins and trace elements. Dairy Sustain does not contain PKE.

Typical analysis (approximate on a DM basis)

Energy13MJ ME/kg
Crude Protein28%
Starch & Sugar28% (min)
NDF 15% (max)

The Metabolisable Energy (ME) values are calculated from an equation and are not an actual measured value but should provide a reasonable guide to the energy content of the feeds. Information is accurate at the time of going to print but specifications may vary over time.


Additives available

NRM Dairy Sustain is made to order and can be tailored at additional cost to meet individual farm requirements by the addition of:

  • Additional Standard or Premium Pre-mix to accommodate low feeding rates
  • Bovatec® 20CC as an aid in increased production of milk solids*
  • Bioplex High Five
  • Dicalcium phosphate
  • Limestone flour
  • Magnesium oxide
  • mycotoxin binder
  • Registered zinc as an aid in the prevention of facial eczema
  • Rumen bypass fat
  • Zinc methionine for improved foot health and reduction in somatic cell counts


The addition of additives may marginally lower the actual specifications of the pellets as supplied.

Subject to regional and seasonal availability.

*Bovatec 20CC is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, Registration Number A9679. See for registration conditions.


The feeding of this product to dairy cows may increase their risk of clinical salmonellosis. It is recommended that veterinary advice is obtained to ascertain potential risks associated with the use of this product in your environment before product is used.