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Equi-Jewel Supplement

Performance and conditioning

Suitable for all horses from six months of age requiring a highly digestible source of fat.

Equi-Jewel is a scientifically formulated high fat, low starch, cool energy supplement with added vitamin E, selenium and calcium. Specifically designed to nutritionally support the equine athlete by providing a highly palatable form of additional calories and protein to assist in building muscle, topline and maintaining condition.

This unique high fat stabilised rice bran is made from the highest quality ingredients to bring out the best in your horse.

Key Benefits and Features

  • High energy, without the ‘fizz’ of the high starch found in grain.
  • Contains added calcium to balance high phosphorus levels found naturally in commonly fed cereal products such as rice bran, rice pollard, wheat pollard or wheat bran. A balanced calcium: phosphorus ratio is essential for optimal skeletal development and athletic performance.
  • A highly digestible and palatable source of fat.
  • Stabilised and extruded to lock in the fat content, increase shelf life and prevent oxidation.
  • Contains essential fatty acids for healthy skin and a naturally shiny coat.
  • The benefit of rice bran oil for conditioning and muscle building.
  • The low feeding rate and high digestibility provides an economical calorie supplement.
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Typical analysis

Crude Protein (min)13%
Crude Fat (min)18%
Crude Fibre (max)13%
Calcium (min) 2.25%
Vitamin E 650IU/kg
Phosphorus (min)1.5%
Digestible Energy18MJ/kg


  • To supplement the diets of performance horses requiring additional calories to maintain performance and condition.
  • To increase body condition, muscle, topline and coat condition in show, sale and performance horses.
  • To encourage poor doers and picky eaters to ‘clean up’ their feed.
  • As an alternative energy source for horses prone to tying-up.
  • A source of natural vitamin E, selenium and calcium to assist with healthy immune function and muscle recovery in performance horses.
  • For horses requiring a low carbohydrate energy source.
  • For horses at risk of gastric ulceration or colic.
  • As an energy source without the risks often associated with feeding grain.

Feeding rates

High Performance: racing, eventing, endurance, polo, polocrossee500kg100g-2kg
Performance: Showing, dressage, showjumping, western pleasure, halter500kg500g-1.5kg
Yearling: Thoroughbred or standardbred preparation, show or halter4000kg250g-1.5kg
Spelling, retired or aged500kg250g-1.5kg
Weight gain400-500kg500g-2kg

Feeding Recommendation

Mix required amount of Equi-Jewel each day in combination with current feeding program. As with any changes in your horse’s diet, ensure that they are made gradually over 5-10 days. Adjust the following feeding rates depending upon weight, condition and level of work.

Ingredients selected from

Stabilised rice bran, calcium carbonate, natural vitamin E, selenium and preservative.


Please ensure product is stored in a cool, dry and vermin free environment.

Caution: Do not feed to any animal species other than those stipulated on the label.

NRM and Kentucky Equine Research

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) works closely with an international network of horse feed manufacturers dedicated to the advancement of equine nutrition and exercise physiology to produce healthier, more athletic horses. Using advice from KER, NRM feeds are formulated to incorporate the very latest advances in equine nutrition. The combination of NRM’s long-standing role as a leader in the New Zealand feed industry and KER’s technical expertise in the field of equine nutrition makes NRM feeds some of the most scientifically advanced available in the local market.

NRM Sport & Leisure Horse Feed Range

A range of feeds providing essential ingredients for your horse’s well-being.

Developed in partnership with Kentucky Equine Research (KER) and proudly manufactured in New Zealand, NRM feeds are unique blends of nutrients and quality products to optimise the health and performance of your horse.

There is an NRM feed to match the diverse needs of horses through every stage or activity level of their life. It is important to carefully monitor energy levels to ensure that under or over feeding does not occur.

Table heading

Sport Horse – light exerciseCoolade and Equi-Jewel,
Horse and Pony and Equi-Jewel
or Low GI Sport and Equi-Jewel
Coolade, Horse and Pony or Low GI SportEquine Balancer
Sport Horse – moderate exerciseLow GI Sport and Equi-Jewel
or Sweetfeed and Equi-Jewel
Low GI Sport or SweetfeedEquine Balancer
Sport Horse – heavy exerciseLow GI Sport and Equi-Jewel
or Sweetfeed and Equi-Jewel
Low GI Sport or SweetfeedEquine Balancer and grain
Senior HorseCoolade and Equi-Jewel
or Low GI Sport and Equi-Jewe
Coolade, Horse and Pony or Low GI SportEquine Balancer
Starch & Sugar SensitiveLow GI Sport and Equi-JewelLow GI Sport or Coolade and Equi-JewelEquine Balancer