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NRM Progress

Breeding Concentrate with BMC*

NRM Progress is a concentrated high-quality breeding cube designed to meet the increased nutritional demands of the broodmare and young growing horse in a low daily intake. It is ideal for horses grazing in fertile paddocks with abundant pasture available for most of the year. In this environment, most mares do not require many calories from feed and only require the feed to provide the minerals and vitamins that are deficient in the pasture and required for the critical last 4-5 months of gestation.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Convenient feeding rates ideal for paddock feeding in groups
  • BMC (Buffered Mineral Complex) from Kentucky Equine Research included
  • BMC is the major ingredient in a new supplement KER Triacton, research-proven to improve bone mineral density
  • BMC supports gastric health – effective stomach buffer
  • BMC supports hind gut health – attenuates acidosis in hindgut
  • Highly digestible form of calcium
  • Recommended for young, growing horses including weanlings and yearlings
  • Recommended for performance horses, especially those at risk of shin soreness and/or gastric ulcers and/or Big Head disease from grazing high-oxilate pastures
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The feeding rate for broodmares is ideal for group paddock feeding as it enables all mares to consume the correct amount of feed without getting pushed off their feed by dominant mares.

NRM Progress is also ideal for meeting the needs of young stock from weanlings through to two-year-old spellers grazing on high calorie pasture, to minimise caloric intake in the time of growth where they are most susceptible to developmental orthopaedic disease through excessive energy intake.

NRM Progress is a concentrated formulation so that between 1.2 and 1.5kgs daily will provide adequate nutrition for a broodmare in third trimester, or a young growing horse between 6 months and two years of age.

Feeding Rates:

Weanlings 5 to 12 months of age200-350kg1kg
Yearlings 12 to 18 months of age350-450kg1.2kg
Spelling two year olds and older350-400kg1.2kg
Mid to late pregnant mares500kg1.2kg
Lactating mares first 60 days500kg1.4kg
Lactating mares - late 500kg1.2kg

NRM Progress also contains a new blend of ingredients from KER in Buffered Mineral Complex (BMC)*, Vitamin C and organic trace minerals. BMC has been shown in research studies conducted by Kentucky Equine Research to serve as a potent buffer in both the stomach and large intestine, and as a key component of a new supplement shown to increase bone density in young working horses and weanlings.

Typical Analysis

Approximate on as fed basis

DE (MJ/kg) As Fed11
Crude Protein (%)12.5
Fat (%)3
Fibre (%)6.5
Salt (%)1.5
Calcium (g/kg)20
Phosphorous (g/kg)8
Magnesium (g/kg)5
Chloride (g/kg)10
Potassium (g/kg)10
Sodium (g/kg)6
Sulfur (g/kg)1.5
Copper (mg/kg)*110
Iodine (mg/kg)3
Iron (mg/kg)300
Manganese (mg/kg)*250
Selenium (mg/kg)1.5
Zinc (mg/kg)*300

*contains Zinpro organic minerals and natural vitamin E

Ingredients include:

Grain and grain co-products, vegetable protein sources, canola oil, molasses, minerals and salts, KER vitamin and mineral premix including Zinpro organic trace minerals, KER Buffered Mineral Complex, mould inhibitor, apple flavour.

Cobalt (mg/kg)0.7
Chromium (mg/kg)*2.5
Vitamin A (IU/kg)27,000
Vitamin D (IU/kg)2,700
Vitamin E (mg/kg)*390
Vitamin K (mg/kg) 14
Thiamine (Vit B1) (mg/kg)16
Riboflavin (Vit B2) (mg/kg) 28
Niacin (Vit B3) (mg/kg) 85
Pantothenic Acid (Vit B5) (mg/kg34
Vitamin B6 (mg/kg) 8
Biotin B7 (mg/kg)0.3
Folic Acid B9 (mg/kg)8
Vitamin B12 (ug/kg) 90
Vitamin C mg/kg 850

*contains Zinpro organic minerals and natural vitamin E