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NRM Sheep Triplet Nuts

High protein supplement

NRM Sheep Triplet Nuts are a high protein supplement for ewes that have been scanned as carrying triplets. Good nutrition for triplet bearing ewes is important to ensure larger, stronger lambs, as well as high levels of milk production. Can be fed after lambing if required.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Quality ingredients in a 10mm nut to ensure optimum utilisation and reduced wastage.
  • Highly digestible ingredients at a time when rumen space and feed intake is limited due to the number of lambs.
  • High protein feed with quality protein sources that provide by-pass protein for good foetal lamb growth and milk production.
  • High levels of digestible energy and metabolisable energy (ME) with a combination of carbohydrates and vegetable oils.
  • A wide range of essential vitamins, minerals and trace-elements. This includes vitamins A, D and E, as well as the trace elements cobalt, iodine, copper, manganese, zinc and selenium.

The NRM quality assurance programme ensures products are quality tested to meet their stated specifications.

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Ingredients selected from

Grains (wheat, barley, maize, triticale), grain by-products, oilseed meals, legumes (peas, beans), molasses, sodium bentonite, minerals, trace elements and vitamins, vegetable oils.


Please ensure product is stored in a cool, dry and vermin free environment.

Caution: Do not feed to any animal species other than those stipulated on the label.

Typical analysis (approximate on a dry matter basis)

Energy*12.8MJ/kg DM
Fat (minimum)2%

*Metabolisable Energy (ME) values are calculated by a registered laboratory from an equation and are not an actual measured value. Therefore they are only a guide for predicting the energy content of a feed.

Feeding Recommendations

Triplet bearing ewes: 200g/head/day


Optimum feeding rates depend on pasture availability and quality and the age and condition of the sheep. Start feeding NRM Triplet Nuts five weeks prior to lambing. Do not start feeding before five weeks otherwise lambs may be too big. Continue feeding after lambing if grass quality or supply is inadequate to help support milk production or where older ewes need extra support.

Transition onto NRM Triplet Nuts by starting with 50g/head/ day for a week before building up to 200g/head/day over the following week. Feed in a line or many small piles to reduce competition, and ensure an adequate amount of forage and clean water is available at all times.

NRM Sheep Nuts contain added cobalt, iodine, manganese, selenium and zinc in addition to calcium, sodium and vitamins A, D and E. To discuss the optimum feeding levels and diet for your flock please call the NRM Nutrition Team on 0800 800 380.