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Zinc Mineral Mix

A mineral blend of lime, magnesium oxide and salt designed for incorporation in blends to deliver registered zinc oxide

A thoroughly blended intermediate Zinc Oxide premix to aid in the prevention of facial eczema in cattle and sheep. Designed to be added in blended dairy feed to aid dispersion and suspension to improve efficiency and safety. Contains added oil to reduce dustiness.

NRM Zinc Mineral Mix contains

  • Limestone flour to deliver calcium which is typically lacking in grains and by-products relative to the needs of lactating dairy cows.
  • Magnesium oxide to deliver available magnesium as a rumen buffer and an essential mineral for lactating dairy cows.
  • Salt to deliver sodium which stimulates appetite and can often be lacking in pasture based diets relative to the needs of lactating dairy cows.
  • 12.5g Zinc Oxide TS-99 per 100g dose as an aid in the prevention of facial eczema in cattle and sheep.


Each 100g dose of NRM Zinc Mineral Mix delivers

Limestone Flour50g
Magnesium oxide 15g
Zinc Oxide TS-9912.5g

Ingredients selected from

Limestone flour, magnesium oxide, salt, vegetable oil and Zinc Oxide TS-99

Full dose inclusion rates for blends

Feed rate per cow/dayInclusion rate per kg
4kg 25kg

The above table is an abbreviated version of the full rate inclusion levels in blends for cows averaging 500kg liveweight. Half rate options are available. For further information on the recommended rate for your custom blend please contact your local Nutrition Specialist.

Zinc Oxide TS-99

For animal treatment only.

Indications: To aid in the prevention of facial eczema in cattle and sheep.

Contains: NRM Zinc Mineral Mix contains 12.5g Zinc Oxide TS-99 per 100g (125g per 1kg TS-99).

Feed inclusion
Include with supplementary feed, mixing well, to provide a daily dose of 2.5g Zinc Oxide TS-99/100g liveweight. Read the Feed Certificate accompanying each load to confirm inclusion level and feeding rate.

Recommended dose rates should be followed. For best protection, introduce gradually building to recommended rates at least two weeks before the facial eczema condition normally occurs. Continue until cooler winter conditions. Where spore counts are already high, drenching with zinc at crisis dose rates is recommended. Please consult your local veterinary practitioner or animal health advisor for further advice. In high risk situations delivering zinc via multiple routes may be beneficial.

Warning: Zinc may be toxic to stock at higher than recommended levels. In cattle, the maximum recommended continuous zinc supplementation is 100 days. Blood tests may help confirm if protection has been effective or needs to be reduced.

By law, the user must obtain expert advice if using the product other than as directed.

Withholding periods: Cattle and Sheep Meat – Nil, Cattle and Sheep Milk – Nil

Zinc Oxide TS-99® is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No A10933. For further information visit for registration details.