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NRM Stud Groom of the Year

Celebrating excellence

NRM Stud Groom of the Year recognises and rewards the men and women working hard behind the scenes of the equine breeding industry. The competition looks to find a stud groom who is dedicated and passionate about improving the equine breeding industry, has excellent horsemanship and is willing to go above and beyond for the stud they work for. If you are working on a stud or know of someone who deserves recognition then make sure you apply for this once in a lifetime development opportunity.



Applications and nominations closed 29th February 2020.


The Prize

The 2020 winner will be recognised by both NRM and Kentucky Equine Research as New Zealand’s best Stud Groom and will travel to Melbourne, Australia to grow their knowledge of equine nutrition and best practice.

While in Melbourne, the winner will be escorted by the head of KER Australia Peter Huntington to world-class stud’s relevant to them, learn about the different research happening around the world by KER and the opportunity to attend a short course at the Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital on Equine Reproduction*.

*Short course will depend on timing of the trip and availability at the course.


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The 2020 Stud Groom of the Year should be…
  • 18 years old or older.
  • Currently working on any form of equine stud operation with at least six months of experience on a stud.
  • Demonstrate a high level of care for horse welfare and excellent horsemanship daily.
  • Has a positive work ethic and is willing to work hard to go above and beyond what is expected of their day to day duties.
  • Works towards the improvement and success of the industry as well as the stud they work for.
  • Is eager to continue learning and strives to create positive change within the stud and in the industry.


Terms and Conditions.

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