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With the pressure of calving and the start of a new season, in-calf rates and improving herd fertility are not topics that make it to the top of the list of priorities at this time of the year – but they should be, as many of the decisions made and actions taken at this time […]

A key focus of the calf rearing period is to stimulate the rumen to start growing and developing prior to weaning off milk. Nutritious and health-supporting milk and a good quality starter feed are key components of a successful calf rearing system and can help take some of the stress and risk out of calf […]

Weaning is the process of transferring a calf from a liquid milk diet to a completely ‘solid’ based diet. Successful weaning is dependent on ensuring that a calf’s digestive system is well set up for processing bulky high fibre pasture and the decisions you make in the pre-weaning period can have a significant impact on […]