Rearing to go

Rearing to go...

Many farmers have their own unique approach to calf rearing
with successful outcomes.

However, whatever system you use or have developed to fit your own circumstances, all calf
rearers have the same common goal - to rear the best calves possible.

The key point to remember when raising calves is that damage done in the first weeks of life
can seldom be undone, setting back your investment.

For the beef farmer, larger, faster growing calves will reach slaughter weights earlier and arrive
at slaughter dates heavier. For Dairy farmers, bigger heifer calves will maximise size and
condition at first calving, leading to improved fertility and higher milk production.

The financial benefits are obvious.

NRM offers the only complete package to support your calf rearing programme, high quality
CMR and calf meals plus Virkon®S for premium disease protection.

Containing ingredients selected for optimum digestibility and blended for palatability, NRM
calf meals contain the unique NRM Moozlee flavouring to ensure easy transition between
products as the calves grow. NRM calf feeds are fortified with vitamins and minerals and
provide a balanced diet to promote health and growth at each stage of calf development.

Combine this unique family of products with Virkon®S and you have the premium calf rearing


• NRM Calf Rearing Guide
• PowerWhey
• Moozlee
• GrowUp 20%
• 16% Calf Blend Spec Sheet
• GrowUp Finisher
• Ready Rumen
• Virkon®S

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