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Flushing ewes for a bigger, earlier lamb crop Naturally, a grazing animal which is underweight should be less inclined to get pregnant because it will only increase nutritional demands and could lead to more competition for limited feed. Vegetative lush autumn growth gives ewes a taste of the high-quality spring pasture they can expect about […]

Vitamin E is an essential and highly powerful antioxidant that plays an important role in muscle, immune and neurological support in horses. It is mainly supplied in the equine diet through green pasture. Horses are not very efficient at storing this fat-soluble vitamin and when access to green pasture is limited through management such as […]

Until recently, sheep farmers may have felt their supplementary choices were limited by comparison to the vast ranges of Equine feeds. Supplementary feeds are available to suit the different classes of horses according to their stage of life, level of work and even physiological wellbeing and taste preferences. Fortunately, the NRM sheep range has evolved […]

Many aspects of equine health and nutrition require extra attention over the summer months. Hoof health is especially important to uphold when the weather is warm and the ground may be harder than other times of the year. The age old saying, “no hoof, no horse” is especially true and the following recommendations should be […]

Managing ruminant livestock on a smaller piece of land can be more challenging than on a larger block when it gets dry and pasture quality and quantity starts to decline. Larger farms are typically better equipped to take delivery of bulk loads of high fibre feeds (such as palm kernel), which can be used to […]

My experience developing dairy farms and working as a young-stock manager has convinced me that we invest in our future by taking our young-stock through the weaning process well. Replacement heifers and bull producers that are about to wean off milk need to have these calves healthy and growing well before the decision to wean […]

With summer not too far away, facial eczema prevention is once again front of mind for many livestock producers. While facial eczema has traditionally been considered a North Island issue with only small areas of the South Island affected, elevated temperatures across the country have led to a wider distribution of facial eczema cases. New […]

Amanda (Muzi) Pottinger is a part time Business Analyst for BEL Group Dairy Farms and a professional Three Day Eventing rider, sponsored by NRM. She is looking forward to the upcoming eventing season, where she will be competing a team of 5-6 eventing horses, including the National Three Day CCI3* Eventing Champion “Just Kidding”, also […]

If the meteorologists are correct, an El Niño weather pattern will bring hot and dry weather to the east coast and wet weather to the west coast in the months ahead. For those affected by hotter and drier than normal conditions, making plans and taking steps early to respond to the opportunities available can make […]

The significant nutritional requirements of a hardworking horse mean that designing a balanced diet that provides these in the correct amounts is vital. From the all-important energy required to perform, to essential amino acids, trace minerals and key vitamins, simple changes to the diet can mean the difference between a winning and a mediocre performance. […]